Completed Projects




CHDM Administration and Quality Control of Project – Region 1 – Engcobo R 170 mil
NMBM Chatty Valley Collector Sewer Stage 1 (Nodes 20 – 24) R 19.3 mil
DRPW Routine Road Maintenance of Provincial Paved Roads in Amathole District R 4.33 mil
DRPW Routine Maintenance of Provincial Paved and Gravel Roads in Baviaans and Ikwezi Local Municipal Areas: Sarah Baartman District R 5.33 mil
SANRAL Special Maintenance on National Route 2 Section 11 from Bramlin Interchange (km 22.7) to Soutwerke (km 50.7) – Targeted Enterprise with Bosch Stemele R 120 000.00
DOT Development of a Provincial Strategy and Implementation Plan for the Provision and Management of Animal Pounds R 459 947
NMBM Completion of Motherwell Thusong – Traffic and Licensing Centre – Principal Agent R 3.4 mil
SANRAL Reseal of National Route R72 Section 1 between Nanaga (km 0) and Fonteinskloof (km 19.1)  R 500 000.00
 DOT Development of a Provincial Road Safety Management System R 488 658.00
 DRPW  Flood Damage Repairs, including Patch Gravelling, Blading, Drainage Improvements and Install Culvert / Causeway on Provincial Roads in the Makana, Ndlambe & Sundays River Valley Local Municipal Area  R 9.99 mil
SANRAL  Project Management and Architectural Services for the New SANRAL Southern Region Office Building and Associated Works to be built in Port Elizabeth R 9.56 mil
 DRPW  Professional Consulting Engineering Services for Flood Damaged Repairs in Various Provincial Roads in Alfred Nzo (West) R 50 mil
 DOT Update and Compilation of the Eastern Cape Provincial Land Transport Framework (PLFT)  R 297 905.00
  SANRAL Repair and Reseal of National Route R72 Section 1 Fonteinskloof (km 19.2) to Alexandria (km 49.58) R 500 000.00
SANRAL Resurfacing of National Route R72 Section 4 (km 8 to km 61.77) between Keiskamma River and East London Airport Turn Off   R 90 mil
SANRAL Routine Maintenance on National Route R72 between Nanara and East London Airport Turn Off R 58 mil
 DRPW Routine Maintenance of Kouga and Koukamma  R 19.8 mil
 DRPW  Routine Maintenance of Ngqushwa and Buffalo City (South)  R 19.9 mil
 CHDM  Cluster 6 Water Backlog: Mentoring and Administration of EPWP Learner Contractors  R 53.5 mil
 NMBM  Upgrading of Water Reticulation – Water Pipe between Glendore and Walmer  R 6 mil
 BKB  Investigation into Feasibility into Alternative Parking Arrangement to Improve on Security R 81 250.00
 DHS via Powerhouse Con.  Temporary Structure Assessment R 23 250.00
  DHS via Powerhouse Con. Alexandria 714 – Low Cost Housing  R 500 000.00
  DHS via Powerhouse Con.  Addo Valencia – Low Cost Housing  R 1 mil
 DHS via Powerhouse Con. Bushmans 269 – Low Cost Housing R 500 000.00
  DHS via Powerhouse Con. Alexandria 401 – Low Cost Housing  R 37 mil
  DHS via Powerhouse Con. Moses Mabida – Low Cost Housing R 10 mil
  DHS via Powerhouse Con.  Enon Bersheba – Low Cost Housing  R 5 mil
  DHS via Powerhouse Con.  Addo Nomathamsanqua 300 – Low Cost Housing R 4 mil
  DHS via Powerhouse Con. Paterson 269 – Low Cost Housing  R 2 mil
DRPW Routine Maintenance of the R62 between Misgund and Humansdorp (Holding Contract)  R 7.5 mil
 DRPW Routine Maintenance of the R72 between Nanaga and East London (Holding Contract)  R 7.2 mil
NMBM Water Master Plan Review R 300 000.00
NMBM Design and Supervision of the Construction and Establishment of Motherwell Thusong Centre R 20 mil
NMBM Upgrading and Refurbishment of Swimming Pools: Re-Instatement of Zwide Swimming Pool R 16 mil
DRPW Construction of ± 5km of Road DR02769 to Morgans Bay by Labour Intensive Methods R 17 mil on hold
NMBM Evaluation of Reports, Drawings and Documentation submitted for Municipal Approval R 25 000.00
NMBM Alterations and Additions for Conversion of the Oil Store, Deal Party R 750 000.00
DRPW East Coast Resort Road DR02730 & MR00686: Gonubie Intersection to N2 ± 31 km R 420 mil Design stage complete
DOPW Grahamstown Education District – General Repairs  Investigation
 CDC Design & Construction Monitoring of the Metals Cluster (Zone 5) Infill Area Infrastructure Development Project and Railway Yard and Sliding  R 325 mil
CDC Design & Construction Monitoring of the Metals
Cluster (Zone 5) Infill Area Infrastructure Development Project
 R 86 mil
NMBM  Access to Chatty Development – Construction of Stanford Road Extension and Bloemendal Arterial  R 41.3 mil
 NMBM  Construction of Asphalt Sidewalks – Phase 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19  R 42.5 mil
 NMBM  Upgrading of Perl Road, Korsten R 5.2 mil
 DRPW  Patch and Reseal of Trunk Road 45: Section TR45/3 – Port Alfred to Peddie Road Intersection  R 61.6 mil
CDC  Design & Construction of the Electronic & Technical Cluster (Zone 2) Infill Area Infrastructure Development
Project – Phase 1, 2 and 3
 R 122.7 mil
 NMBM Shark River Syphon  R 20 000.00
 NMBM Chatty Bulk Water Main R 3.4 mil
 NMBM Upgrading of Magennis Street Outfall Sewer Syphon  R 2.9 mil
 NMBM  Chatty Bulk Sewer Extension  R 6.1 mil
 DOPW  Motherwell Branch Court  R 2.9 mil
 DRPW Upgrade of Road DR08022: N2 to Sulenkama  R 269.4 mil
DRPW Eastern Cape Bridge Inspection R 275 000.00

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